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A sustainable wardrobe

Eco-cool back-to-school

New backpack, new shoes, new clothes. The start of the school year seems to entail an endless list of new stuff. With a few small adjustments though, you can make the whole thing a bit more sustainable.

Buy used stuff

It seems obvious, but it’s not. Buying used is more environmentally friendly, trendy and easy on the wallet. You can get used stuff online that has hardly been used. This is especially thrifty if you buy bigger things used, such as bikes and a PC, but also great for necessities such as backpacks and winter coats.

Buy more sustainable clothing

Not all clothes can be bought used, especially underwear and socks. By buying organic cotton underwear for your kids, you’ll be saving the environment and the people who made the clothing from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Organic cotton uses a fraction of the water required for conventional cotton (up to 90% less*), and there are strict guidelines for water and energy conservation and waste management. Pierre Roberts organic cotton underwear for kids is GOTS-certified. In addition to environmental requirements, GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard, sets requirements for social conditions through the whole production chain, human rights, and safe and secure working conditions.

Buy products with an eco-label

Make sure that everything from notebooks and pens, to soaps, shampoos and laundry detergent have an eco-label. The Swan label has a good overview of products that carry their label.

Use a lunch box!

Packing a lunch in a box is more sustainable than packing it in paper or buying ready-made, pre-packaged food. Fill it with organic fruit and veggies!


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