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Comfort before anything else when shopping for lingerie

A popular Finnish fashion blogger Jenni Rotonen/Pupulandia shares what matters to her the most when shopping for lingerie.

When it comes to clothing, style is the most important thing for me immediately followed by comfort. A piece of clothing should fit well, feel comfortable and absolutely wonderful to wear - this also applies to the undergarments, with a special focus on comfort. 

I very much dislike clothes that leave marks on the skin, feel too tight or if the fabric feels too uncomfortable. I prefer underwear made of soft materials such as micro fiber and cotton that feel smooth and barely-there against the skin. Since I love minimalistic underwear style my underwear draw might seem rather boring to you, but it mainly contains indentical minimalistic black underwear. 

I have noticed that as the years go by the more I appreciate and value comfort. When I was in my early twenties, I remember how my roommate couldn't understand how I could wear jeans also at home as she used to always change into something more comfortable when she got home. I can honestly say that those were the times I genuinely loved wearing jeans at home but these days I do tend to change into something more comfortable when I arrive home. I have also swiched from wearing underwire bras to wireless bras, and during summertime I might even leave them home completely. 

I was lucky enough to get to test Pierre Robert's underwear that are all about comfort, minimalistic and sustainable design, quality, and great materials. Qualities I also stand for. Pierre Robert's Lingerie collection include GOTS certified cotton panties, microfiber panties, wireless T-shirt bra and a simple top. My personal favourites are Microfiber Hipster with Lace and GOTS High Waist.

I'm a huge fan of high waisted pants and I noted that they compliment my figure the best. Despite that and the fact that I love high waisted bikini bottoms I had never tried high waisted panties on before.

I must say that I literally laughed when I was pulling soft pink high waisted panties on and realised I had turned into my mother. I had always teased my mum wearing her high waisted "granny" undies, and there I was - happily admiring them on me. Ok mum, they are very comfortable! At the end of the day, our bodies are not too far from each other. I guess I have to admit that mum was right - again. 

Text & Images Pupuladia blogger Jenni Rotonen


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